Planetary Gearbox Nema 34 Gear Reducer

  • This nema34 planetary gerabox has 1/2" Input hole that can match the 12.7mm shaft motor (without keyed) . The output shaft diameter is 16mm with keyway 5*5*25mm
  • The gearhead has nema 34 Input & ouput flange,suitable for 86BYG stepper motor and other motors which can completely match the installation holes.
  • 4pcs screws provide for instalaltion , small size gearbox , very convenient for the machine which has limited space for a gearbox.
  • Stage I Ratio : 4:1,5:1,6:1,10:1
  • Stage II Ratio : 16:1,20:1,24:1,30:1,36:1